Our History

After years of trying to get published the traditional way, I simply became jaded with the process of needing to know someone in the industry just to get an agent to consider representing me. That’s when I dreamed up Dragon’s Den. Dragons love treasure and surround themselves with it. I love to read and I truly love to write. Therefore, I have chosen to surround myself with the greatest treasure of all the written word. I hope you will venture deep into the dragon’s den with me and breathe new fire into the book industry. I wanted a company that would treat writers like people. I was tired of form rejection letters and often times, receiving no rejection letter at all.

Our Vision

The creative soul of the writer needs a place where it is always welcome. We at Dragon’s Den Publishing believe in the spirit of the artist. It is our belief that the now common practice of requiring a third party to connect a writer with a publisher stifles and suffocates creativity. We at Dragon’s Den are committed to doing all we can to connect personally with our writers and aspiring authors. We know that a novel is more than just a combination of words on a page. Your writing is an extension of the most vulnerable part of yourself. When you present it to us, we will give it our full attention and consideration. If your work is not something we believe is ready for publication, we won’t simply send a rejection letter.

It is our goal to encourage writers to improve their skills and enhance their writing. Please note that while Dragon’s Den Publishing, Inc. is a new company, we are a small press firm. While we fully believe in our abilities to be successful, we understand that we may not be the company for you.


Dragon's Den Publishing

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