Descend into the Dragon's Den

As 2011 draws to a close, the launch date for Dragon's Den draws closer. While the company will officially open its doors on January 1st, many sections of the website are already available to view.

While we will not begin accepting submissions until January 24th, we encourage you to visit the website and have a look around. Be sure to visit frequently as many of the pages are still under construction.

Now is the time for artists and authors to put the finishing touches on their work and prepare them for submission. Don't worry about trying to impress us. At Dragon's Den Publishing, we appreciate honesty. Keep your cover letter short. Simply pour your heart and soul into your work and allow it to speak for itself.


Dragon's Den Publishing

c/o Author Submissions,

10218 Patriot Street,

San Diego, CA 92124

Phone. 229-460-5278