E-book vs Print

The electronic age has really changed the world. There are things we use everyday that didn't even exist when I was growing up in the 90's. Like ereaders and ebooks.

As a publisher, I can see the benefits of electronic media. It is cheaper to produce and it's easier to make it widely accessible. However, it can also make being a book publisher more difficult. Authors no longer need publishers or literary agents to get their novels to the reading public. So often, we miss out on the chance to attach our label to something truly great. Then again, if i really is that amazing, why bother with a publisher, right?

Of course, the surge in published material due to the internet also makes it more difficult to get your work noticed. You could have just penned the next great Nobel prize winner but no will know unless you can get people to read it. Advertising is key. Of course authors and small publishers like Dragon's Den are at a disadvantage because people will still be drawn to books out out by big names like moths to a flame.

But the draw of big names just doesn't apply to ebooks, but print books as well. Shelf space at bookstores is usually granted to books by authors who have sold well in the past or to large companies that have been around forever. And lets not forget that in this electronic world we live in, there are many people who have made the switch to e-books and many who still prefer to browse bookstores and turn paper pages.

As a reader, I prefer paper books. I love the smell and feel of pages. I also love that they don't require battery power to read. As long as I have light (even candlelight) I can read. Also, I just can't get the feel for whether or not I'm going to like a book well enough to want to read it by the 5 page sample you're usually given. I need to be able to flip to random chapters and see if any interesting events jump out at me. Not to mention my monthly 1/2 day trip to the bookstore provides me free time from the never-ending cycle of laundry and dishes.

Of course, I do own e-books as well. They're great for travel because you can carry thousands of them in your pocket and I can buy them without ever leaving the house (which can be dangerous to the wallet). They're also cheaper than print books by a dollar or two because they don't come with the overhead costs of paper, ink and storage fees.

As a business woman, I understand the need to adapt to the changing environment around me. But as an individual who genuinely loves books, I can't get past the allure of a printed book. In a world of E-book vs print, right now, I'd say it's a tie.


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