Moving Dragon

Greetings All,

Dragon's Den Publishing has an announcement. As of December 2014, our office's location will change from Gulfport, MS to San Diego, CA.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this in previous blog posts, but our CEO's husband is active duty military. His time in MS has come to an end. The business will still continue. The only thing that will change is the P.O. Box where submissions can be mailed.

Since email submissions are also accepted, there will not be a disruption for those wishing to send in manuscripts. Once a new P.O. Box has been assigned, we will update the address listed on the company website. Also, be sure to check the facebook page for any other updates that may occur.

One of the best things about today's modern world is that we can do our work anywhere. So, writers, continue to work hard and readers... as always--Happy Reading.


Dragon's Den Publishing

c/o Author Submissions,

10218 Patriot Street,

San Diego, CA 92124

Phone. 229-460-5278