The Beginning

Hi. I love writing and I love love love to read. It has always been my dream to own my own publishing company. Starting in summer 2012, that's exactly what I hope to do. Dragon's Den Publishing will accept unsolicited submissions from any author. Our primary focus is fantasy, science fiction and YA fiction. Our goal is to develop personal relationships with our writers. We know that writing is essentially putting your soul on paper and then giving it to the world to critique.

Please understand that we are a start-up and our budget is small. For that reason, we will not offer royalties in advance. However, we will fund the costs of production and promotion of all the works we select.

As CEO of Dragon's Den, I am excited to offer this opportunity to the undiscovered talents of the world.


Dragon's Den Publishing

c/o Author Submissions,

10218 Patriot Street,

San Diego, CA 92124

Phone. 229-460-5278