The Dragon Reminisces

For years I bought into the stigma that self-published books are somehow not as good as traditionally published books. That if I self-published, I was being arrogant to think my work was good and deserved to be published. That self-published works lacked originality, talent and sophistication. But after years of trying to get published the ‘traditional way’, that is submitting my work to literary agents and either getting no response or form rejection letters, I decided that I wanted to take control of my own destiny.

I love writing and I believed in my work. I started to feel that my work was never going to see the light of day if I didn’t fight for it. So I decided to stop trying to conform to someone else’s ideals and follow my own. I wanted to create a company that could relate to writers and their emotional connection to their work. So I decided to start Dragon’s Den Publishing.

The company is named for my favorite fantasy creature. Dragons are powerful and strong and they can do whatever the writer wants, like breath fire or ice, talk or shape shift. Dragons also live in caves and surround themselves with treasure. I love books and I consider them a great treasure. I wanted Dragon’s Den Publishing to be about helping writers have a chance to have their work seen. Sometimes when we feel like we’re spinning our wheels, all we need is a little guidance or encouragement, and I wanted to be able to provide that.

Dragon's Den Publishing is different from the larger publishing companies because I believe it can provide something they can't. I started this company because I love books. As a company run by a writer, I know and understand how much love and time goes into cultivating an idea into a novel. I care about finding and showcasing amazing stories. I believe a writer’s creative voice needs to have an opportunity to be heard and I do my best to provide that.

As a start-up, I don’t know what the future holds, but I have high hopes for my company. The main goal of Dragon's Den Publishing is continued growth. I did not start this business to get rich. Publishing is a business and the goal is to make money, but my main purpose is literature. I love to read and I just want to share my work with the rest of the world and help other writers do the same. I want to always have an open door policy between author and publisher. If you think you have something good, send it to me without fear. I will read the entire submission and tell you what I think, no form letters.

I wrote this article for a friend's online magazine. She wanted to help me showcase Dragon's Den Publishing and I really wanted the world to understand me. Even though I already knew what I wanted to say, going back and reading my old journal entries brought a smile to my face, because the most important thing I wanted to say, I had already told myself thousands of times in the past.

I love going back to read my old journal entries. It's amazing to see how much I have changed, not just the way I see situations, but the level of language I used then compared to now. Whenever I get frustrated or depressed, it helps me to go back and see the person I was. There are so many things about me that have changed and so many things about me that are still the same. It's those similarities that I want to hold on to.


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