The New Year Has Arrived!

The new year is here and with it the dragon hatches. I hope none of you are growing tired of our dragon references and puns because they are here to stay. Who says business has to be all work and no play?

On an important note, the website is up and running and while we are always upgrading the pages as new information becomes available, the blog is always a good source for you to stay up to date on what's happening. After hitting a few snags, there is finally an address for those submissions we know you've all been working hard on.

Please don't worry about your literary babies, we at Dragon's Den pledge to take good care of them. We will send a letter once your submission has been received and then we ask that you're patient and allow us time to read it and give it our full attention and consideration. If you absolutely feel the need to contact us, we urge you to try to email or send a letter as we have currently been having a few minor issues with our phone service. If possible, simply leave a message and we'll return your call during the business days listed. Please be sure to tell us which time zone you're calling from. We don't want to interrupt anyone's dinner or wake you up at a ridiculous hour.

Now, with that having been said, only one question remains. Will you brave the dragon's fire and add your treasure to the trove?


Dragon's Den Publishing

c/o Author Submissions,

10218 Patriot Street,

San Diego, CA 92124

Phone. 229-460-5278