The Sequel

Ready for Book 2? I am. If you're like me, you're always starving for a good story. A teaser for Book 2 is available in the "Our Books" section of the Dragon's Den webpage. Of course, for those of you who don't have the patience to click all over cyberspace, I've posted it below.

On the planet Arret, magic and science exist side by side. The oceans are freshwater and people keep mythological creatures as pets. It's a place only dreamt of or read about in books. But for Daphne Morrow, Arret is a very real and very dangerous place.
After being dragged across dimensions to another 'Earth' by Steele, a bounty hunter charged with capturing her double, Daphne's spent the past five months learning to survive. She's been forcibly inducted into Realms Honor, the most respected guild for bounty hunters. And just when she's starting to get used to things, her life's been turned upside down...again.

Hopefully this makes you hungry for the next installment of Daphne's story. Or even piques your interest for the first book. If so, you know where to find it. Happy Reading!


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