The Story Behind Dragon's Den

As the launch date for Dragon's Den draws closer, I felt it important to express my excitement and my reasons behind this endeavor.

Owning my own publishing company has been a dream of mine ever since I wrote my first novel in the 4th grade. While I lost that book when my mother's computer crashed (and I hadn't yet learned the importance of backing up files), I knew then that I wanted to do more than just write words and hope a publisher wanted to share my work with the world as much as I did. I had a deep yearning to be completely involved in the publishing process.

Now, at the age of 24, my dream is on the cusp of becoming a reality. My fantasies involve seeing myself and other authors on book signing tours, speaking about their writing process at conventions, and showcasing their work around the world. However, I do not dream of riches or of competing with the major publishing houses. Those companies have been around for a long time and it will be several years before Dragon's Den Publishing can compete on that same level.

What I do focus on is the belief that the work my company will choose to stand behind is being read. Having people willing to read your work is my primary concern. As long as your art is being discussed or thought of, then part of you is out there being shared with the world. And that is the ultimate prize.


Dragon's Den Publishing

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