We love Kindle & Nook!

If I were a dragon, that's how I'd say hello (I think). I'm in such a good mood today that I just can't contain myself. I just had to let you all know that the E-version of "Other Side of the Wormhole: Book 1" is now available on the Kindle and in the Google Play store. I included the links to make it easy for you.
I'm still working on getting it on the Nook, but I do hope you'll give the book a chance. A free preview is available on both Amazon and Google. If you read it, please stop by the Facebook page and let others know what you thought. And by others, I mean me. :) Happy Reading.

P.S. If you prefer print copies, you can get one via fulfillment by Amazon. The books are eligible for their free super saver shipping. If you want a signed copy, just go to and fill out our request form. Mail in a money order with your request and we'll get it right out to you. Or, if you prefer PayPal, message us and we'll let you know the email address we use.


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